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GM Valeriy Aveskulov

We spend hours studying openings, buying books and videos, and playing in tournaments. Sometimes our game and rating progress stagnate. Consider the services of a personal coach.

A qualified mentor will ensure your continued development and thorough comprehension. Simply leave the worrying to him; follow his instructions. Watch as your game improves and your rating soars. If you don't have a plan of improvement, don't worry. I always do.

While lessons and lectures are instructive, playing good chess requires effort on your part. Except for rare geniuses, success in sport is 10% skill and 90% sweat.

Attending medical lectures will not make you a doctor. Attending chess lectures will not make you a strong player. A mix of instruction and practice is needed.

It also requires more than solving a few puzzles. Tactical exercises are just a fraction of the study required to achieve chess mastery. What about the other elements of chess? What should you study? I'll teach you how to study chess. Show you the secrets as only a grandmaster can. My rates are competitive with those of other GM's.

My teaching method explains the how, what, and why of chess. Motivated students then study and practice on their own. I monitor their individual progress and indicate the areas that need work.

My primary service is personal chess mentoring. Active chess tutoring is the best and quickest way to become a stronger player. I'll cover many general and important areas as I teach you how and what to study in chess. I'm proficient in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

If you want to get your chess off the ground, I am what you are looking for!

Best regards,


GM Valeriy Aveskulov