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Valeriy Aveskulov

Many club players study openings, buy books and videos, and play in tournaments. These efforts are commendable. But they don't usually lead to permanent improvement.

Quite likely, the most improved players in your location are taking chess lessons from a FIDE-titled player. Having a qualified personal chess coach boosts a player's expertise the fastest.

While some lessons and lectures are instructive, playing good chess requires effort on your part. Except for rare geniuses, success in sport is 10% skill and 90% sweat.

It also requires more than solving a few puzzles. Tactical exercises are just a fraction of the study required to achieve chess mastery. What else should you study? I'll teach you how to study chess. Show you the secrets as only a grandmaster can.

I teach the how, what, and why of chess. Motivated students then study and practice on their own. I monitor their individual progress and indicate the areas that need work.

My primary service is personal chess mentoring. Active chess tutoring is the best and quickest way to become a stronger player. I'll cover many general and important areas as I teach you how and what to study in chess. I'm proficient in English, Russian and Ukrainian. My FIDE standard rating is 2520, rapid 2509, and blitz 2552.

Follow my instructions. Watch as your game improves and your rating soars. If you don't see a path to improvement, don't worry. Simply leave the worrying to me.

So, what are you waiting for? Shoot me an email.

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GM Valeriy Aveskulov U's 1st online camp University's first online camp, July 7-11, 2014 had 21 players. Boris Gelfand analysed his win against Hikaru Nakamura and then answered questions on chess-related issues. Other lecturers included GM Roman Dzind­zi­chash­vili, and IM Valeri Lilov.

GM Aveskulov gave four lectures. The themes were "pro­phy­lac­tic thinking", "playing with two bishops", "positional sacrifice of the exchange", and general advice about how to best work on chess. It was his first experience giving an online lecture in English for a large group of players.

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He gave a simul to the students and won all the games. But the most interesting position occured at the end of the last game. "I played one of the most unusual moves of my career. It doesn't win and a solid defense is not really hard to find. But I will remember this for a long time. It rarely happens that a player can subject his queen to direct attack in a relatively quiet position."


"Here I played 25...Qg5. White took the Queen, probably deciding that I was tired and had hung my queen. The correct answer was 26. Rfe1 with better play for Black thanks to a control over the open file and e3-hole), after which I gave the check 26...Rf2 27. Rxf2 Rxf2 and here my opponent realized that Black checkmates with 28...Rxh2. It reminded me of a combination which my friend, Alexander Zubarev, played in 2006."


"White played 22.Qh5!! gxh5 23. Bd1!!, after which Black could not stop the checkmating attack.

Hopefully, there will be more camps of this type and I again will be invited to share my thoughts about different middle and endgame problems."

New Online Lectures

In June of 2013 GM Aveskulov started a new coaching members of the Kiev School of Grandmasters, an organization that gathers young players from the whole of Ukraine. Their average age is about 12-13 years. This idea was inspired by IM Vitaly Pesotsky. The main coach of the school is Andrey Zontakh, who coached Sanan Sjugirov and other strong players.

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Themes of first two meetings were "Problem of natural moves" and "Positional sacrifice of exchange". He offered some general strategies to will help students understand these topics better.

"Considering that these online lectures went so well for those students, I am announcing a new service – online lectures. Besides those topics already mentioned, I am available at the moment for reading lectures on such themes as: "Playing with two bishops", "Simplest rook endgames", "Practical rook endgames", "Simplest pawn endgames", "Practical pawn endgames", "Prophylactic in chess", "Good knight versus bad bishop"."

"The main goal is to share some interesting thoughts to as many students as possible. It will work as a skype conference with ICC or FICS. I'll show the moves on the server and offer commentary via skype. I'd like to organize such lectures for regular or scholastic chess clubs where people can gather together and can see the ICC board on a large screen. But it’s possible to have a skype conference with 4-8 individuals online."

Also you can suggest a theme you are interested in. I will try to prepare a good lecture on it. The price of the lecture will vary depending on the number of listeners, its length and complexity of the topic. To order a lecture, please send me an email.

"Death Match" #15

(06/09/2013) "World number four GM Fabiano Caruana won the Death Match 15 Sunday afternoon by a score of 16-9 over GM Valeriy Aveskulov. But the score did not reflect the proximity of most of the match."

"Although qualifying based on his bullet rating, Aveskulov showed surprising prowess in both the five-minute and three-minute segments, remaining equal in the former and only being edged at the end of the latter. He went into the 1+1 segment only down two games, but after Caruana rattled off the first four convincingly, Aveskulov simply could not make up the difference." -

Danil Kucherenko (1983 - 2014)

Danil Kucherko and his fiancé, Natalie

On Jan. 14, 2014 my best friend, Danil Kucherenko, passed away. Two weeks earlier he lost his fiancé, Natalie. His death saddened hundreds of people who knew him. His passing will never be fully accepted by us. His was a truly generous, irreplaceable soul. ...more