Improving the Endgame


GM Valeriy Aveskulov

Mark Dvoretsky's method is the optimal way to study endgames. Learn the theory of the given type of endgame and then improve your practical skills with exercises.

I decided to publish e-books about different types of endgames. The first two books from the series Improving the Endgame Technique are available on Amazon and ForwardChess Book 1: SCBE and Book 2: OCBE. Order both of the discounted ebook versions here.

Do you forget most of what you read in endgame books? Solve this by embedding the technique from books (and other sources) firmly into your mind. Remember, modern time controls do not give us a chance to think deeply during an endgame. Intuition plays a primary role in such circumstances. Geniuses already have good intuition. The rest of us should train a lot.

"The first book of the series is available at That makes learning chess as easy and efficient as possible. You can read and effectively memorize the tricks provided in the books. "


Same-Colored Bishop Endgames

same-colored bishop endings This kindle book provide you with many exercises to help you become better in same-colored bishop endgames (SCBE). You will learn simple fundamentals and then more difficult solutions and techniques. Even deep analysis does not always answer the question, "Is this line winning or drawn?"

Nowadays, many players ignore studying endgames. But since you are already reading this, you are wondering, "How can I improve my endgame skills?"

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Most examples in the book were originally students' study material. They have found improvements, interesting ideas, refutations and so on. The e-book provides quality analytics. Hours were spent for most examples. But, be aware that holes in analysis are possible. The author does not claim to close the topic; he just lifts the veil of SCBE, shares his thoughts and gives concrete advice about how to make sound strategic decisions.


Opposite-Colored Bishop Endgames

This book continues the endgame series with Opposite-Colored Bishop Endgames (OCBE). Beside pure OCBE's, you can find OCBE's with rooks on the board. Contrary to popular belief, all bishops of opposite colors endgames are not automatically drawn. Also available in flexicover.


Attack with Black

Attack with Black In August 2013, GAMBIT published my first chess book "Attack with Black". This interview describes the book, which you can order here.

The Kindle edition duplicates the flexicover book at less cost. But it also offers a revolutionary idea for Black in the King Walk Variation with 12.a4. A "good read".

publisher's notes...

Sick of defending with Black? Never found a reliable way to fight for the initiative when White plays 1 d4?

Allow Grandmaster Aveskulov to assist. He has put together a sound but ultra-aggressive repertoire based on gambits that have proved their worth in grandmaster play over many years. The Benko Gambit is dreaded by many 1 d4 players. Black gets very active piece-play, and even if White reaches a pawn-up endgame, he is often shocked to find he is worse due to Black's intense positional pressure! If White avoids the Benko, that's when we hit him with the Blumenfeld, sacrificing a pawn to set up a strong pawn-centre and attacking chances.

Aveskulov examines all of White's options and move-orders after 1 d4 Nf6, and shows an aggressive reply to each of them. He is never willing to take existing theory on faith, and throughout the book presents an extraordinary wealth of new analysis and ideas. He also explains typical plans in depth, so you will always know how to turn the screw once you have your opponent on the run. (Gambit Publications)

Book fees (U.S. dollars)

"Improving the Endgame Technique" Format Cost
Bishops of Opposite Colors cbv $3.99
Bishops of Same Colors cbv $3.99
Bishop endgames (2 e-books) cbv $4.99