Danil Kucherenko (1983 - 2014)

Danil Kucherko and his fiance (also deceased)

Jan. 14, 2014 my best friend, Danil Kucherenko, died at home from a blood clot after an automobile crash.

His death deeply saddened hundreds of people who knew him. His passing will never be fully accepted by us. He was a truly generous, irreplaceable soul.

His opening repertoire accurately characterized him: King's gambit and Sicilian Dragon. Romantic, optimistic, courageous. A fighter throughout his life! Never bypassed difficulties and never left his friends in trying times. He was a competent medical doctor and his consults are still cherished.

His personal charisma gathered people in a single focal point: friend Danik. And now almost all of us are friends to each other.

His chess students loved him because he was able to find the meaningful insights for everyone. He loved life and often repeated: "Don't focus on the bad things. There are many bad things around – think about positive moments." You were absolutely right, my friend.

Thank you so much, Danik, that you were in my life and the life of my family! We will always remember you and your Natalochka.

-Valeriy Aveskulov

Danil Kucherenko Memorial Open

The first Danil Kucherenko Memorial Rapid Tournament was held in Kharkiv last weekend June 7-8, 2014. Thanks to the extensive support of his friends and the organizational support of Mr. Kiktev Grigoriy, the player list was quite strong. There were 6 GM's and 1 WGM among the 61 players. The highest rated player, Anton Korobov, FIDE rapid rating 2770, won first place on tie break with 7/9. Second was Vladislav Voitovic who beat two GM's, Tarlev and Simantsev. Third was IM Dmitriy Mischuk who scored equally with 4 GM's – Korobov, Tarlev, Aveskulov and Gasanov.

There were also many special prizes for best woman, senior, the youngest, etc. But of course it does not matter as much as the opportunity to remember Danil. There were many kind words spoken about him at the opening ceremony, a special area where organizers placed his pictures, best games, and written testimonials of his friends who could not be present at the tournament. Event photos.

Many thanks to all players and organizers for these two days! Hopefully, this was just the first tournament (x-table) dedicated to memory of Danil Kucherenko. We will always remember you, Friend!